Brachiocephalic Vein Aneurysm Treated with Surgery: A Case Report


  • Jin hong Wi Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Busan Paik Hospital, Inje University College of Medicine, Busan, South Korea.



Brachiocephalic veins, Aneurysm, Sternotomy


Brachiocephalic vein aneurysm is an extremely rare condition of unknown origin. It may be asymptomatic, presenting as an incidental finding or as a result of complications it causes. We report a case of a 54-year-old man who was asymptomatic and diagnosed with an isolated saccular aneurysm of the left brachiocephalic vein using contrast-enhanced computed tomography. The patient underwent aneurysmectomy through a median sternotomy with no requirement for a vascular graft or cardiopulmonary bypass. The patient had an uneventful postoperative course and remained well two months after the surgery.


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