Intramural Aortic Abscess Mimicking Chronic Aortic Dissection


  • Ayhan Sahin
  • Maximilian Y. Emmert
  • Hatem Alkadhi
  • Stephan Baumüller
  • Christian Ruef
  • Peter Vogt
  • André Plass
  • Volkmar Falk



A 77-year-old patient was referred for progressive fatigue and dyspnea on exertion. Preoperative imaging evaluations including transthoracic echocardiography and computed tomography were suggestive of a chronic ascending aortic dissection with an intramural hematoma. Intraoperatively, the intramural structure was identified as an abscess cavity.


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Sahin, A., Emmert, M. Y., Alkadhi, H., Baumüller, S., Ruef, C., Vogt, P., Plass, A., & Falk, V. (2012). Intramural Aortic Abscess Mimicking Chronic Aortic Dissection. The Heart Surgery Forum, 15(3), E143-E144.




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