A Rare Case of Skin Cancer above a Subcutaneously Implanted Pacemaker: Implications for Future Implants


  • Fritz Mellert
  • Wolfgang Schiller
  • Aylin Yueruektuemen
  • Claus J. Preusse
  • Armin Welz




Background. The occurrence of a skin neoplasm close to the position of an implanted pacemaker or cardioverter-defibrillator device is not very common.

Case Report. We report on an 82-year-old patient who developed a basal cell carcinoma in the skin directly above a subcutaneously implanted pacemaker generator. The patient presented with a history of recurrent basalioma at various locations. The pacemaker (Kappa KDR 731; Medtronic) was implanted 17 months before and represented a series that was recalled because of problems occurring after submuscular implantation.

Conclusion. Primary submuscular implantation of pacemaker devices should be carefully considered in elderly patients with a history of previous skin tumors.


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Mellert, F., Schiller, W., Yueruektuemen, A., Preusse, C. J., & Welz, A. (2008). A Rare Case of Skin Cancer above a Subcutaneously Implanted Pacemaker: Implications for Future Implants. The Heart Surgery Forum, 11(3), E132-E133. https://doi.org/10.1532/HSF98.20071211