Congenital Aorto-Left Atrial Tunnel—An Unusual Communication: A Case Report


  • Nazan Ozbarlas
  • Sevcan Erdem
  • Osman Kucukosmanoglu
  • Hakan Poyrazoglu
  • Orhan Kemal Salih



Congenital aortico-cameral communications are rarely seen. We present an asymptomatic patient in whom there was a congenital vascular communication rising from the aortic root and terminating in the left atrium. She had an atrial septal defect (ASD). The diagnosis was made with echocardiography and confirmed by aortography. She was treated by closing the tunnel and the ASD. The outcome was satisfactory in this extremely rare case of a congenital cardiac lesion. Coincidental diagnosis could be made during careful echocardiographic examination.


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Ozbarlas, N., Erdem, S., Kucukosmanoglu, O., Poyrazoglu, H., & Salih, O. K. (2006). Congenital Aorto-Left Atrial Tunnel—An Unusual Communication: A Case Report. The Heart Surgery Forum, 10(1), E21-E23.