First Turkish Experiences of Assisted Beating-Heart Coronary Artery Bypass Graft with the Impella Microaxial Ventricular Assist Device®


  • Cenk Eray Yildiz
  • Murat Sayin
  • Halit Yerebakan
  • Suha Kucukaksu



The importance of minimally invasive cardiac operations, performed off-pump, without the support of cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB), is continuously increasing. Complete revascularization of obstructed coronary arteries is needed to obtain a better long-term outcome. Insertion into the left ventricle of an efficient microaxial pump can be useful when targeting an important coronary artery located at posterior wall of the heart in a patient with hemodynamic deficiency. The use of such a device can enable surgeons to avoid conversion from a preplanned off-pump strategy to traditional on-pump coronary bypass surgery. The Impella Microaxial Ventricular Assist Device® (VAD) (Abiomed, Aachen, Germany) is a miniature pump with a 7-mm catheter and a flow rate of approximately 2.5-5 L/min. This device can enable cardiovascular surgery to be performed without damaging the left ventricle and causing serious aortic deficiency. Therefore, in patients with serious comorbidity, complete revascularization may be performed off pump, with the heart beating, because of the hemodynamic stability provided with the support of the microaxial intracardiac pump. If required, this pump can also support the heart during the early postoperative period. We report the first assisted beating-heart coronary artery bypass graft surgery performed with the Impella Microaxial VAD in our country. The surgery was performed on 2 patients considered high risk on the basis of EUROSCORE® testing.


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