Aortic Dissection Caused by Giant Cell Arteritis


  • Thomas Strecker
  • Stephan Zimmermann
  • David-Lukas Wachter
  • Abbas Agaimy



Aortic dissection is a very serious condition mainly caused by degenerative diseases of the connective tissue and hypertension. Ascending aortic dissection as a consequence of aortitis in association with giant cell arteritis is very rarely seen. In this article we report on the successful surgical repair of a Stanford type A aortic dissection caused by giant cell arteritis in a 74-year-old patient. We could visualize this dissection via echocardiography and computed tomography. Histopathology confirmed this rare complication of giant cell aortitis.


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Strecker, T., Zimmermann, S., Wachter, D.-L., & Agaimy, A. (2011). Aortic Dissection Caused by Giant Cell Arteritis. The Heart Surgery Forum, 14(2), E137-E138.




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