A Case of Heyde Syndrome: Resolution Following Aortic Valve Replacement


  • Takahiro Taguchi
  • Masazumi Watanabe
  • Keisuke Watadani
  • Keijiro Katayama
  • Shinya Takahashi
  • Taiichi Takasaki
  • Tatsuya Kurosaki
  • Katsuhiko Imai
  • Taijiro Sueda




Heyde syndrome is a triad of aortic stenosis, acquired coagulopathy, and anemia due to bleeding from intestinal angiodysplasia. Here we describe a case of this syndrome. An 80-year-old woman with severe aortic stenosis was referred to our department for an aortic valve replacement. She suffered from recurrent iron-deficiency anemia and required transfusions every 2 weeks. Gastroscopy and colonoscopy were normal with the exception of angiodysplasia without bleeding in the cecum. After aortic valve replacement her anemia was resolved. She was discharged on postoperative day 22. No transfusions were needed after the procedure. To date, her hemoglobin has remained stable at >10 mg/dL.


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Taguchi, T., Watanabe, M., Watadani, K., Katayama, K., Takahashi, S., Takasaki, T., Kurosaki, T., Imai, K., & Sueda, T. (2014). A Case of Heyde Syndrome: Resolution Following Aortic Valve Replacement. The Heart Surgery Forum, 17(5), E258-E260. https://doi.org/10.1532/HSF98.2014370