Giant Left Atrial Myxoma in a Patient with Mitral Insufficiency: Case Report


  • Münacettin Ceviz
  • Bilgehan Erkut
  • Yekta Gürlertop
  • Yahya ÜnlÜ



We describe a 57-year-old female patient with left atrial giant myxoma and peroperative defined mitral insufficiency who underwent surgery with a diagnosis of a left atrial myxoma without accompanying mitral insufficiency. Although no clinical findings of mitral insufficiency were noticed preoperatively, after myxoma resection moderate mitral insufficiency was observed during surgery. Mitral insufficiency was repaired with annuloplasty. The patient recovered without complication.


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Ceviz, M., Erkut, B., Gürlertop, Y., & ÜnlÜ, Y. (2005). Giant Left Atrial Myxoma in a Patient with Mitral Insufficiency: Case Report. The Heart Surgery Forum, 7(4), E269-E270.