Cardiac Angiosarcoma with Reconstruction of the Right Atrium


  • Dominik Wiedemann
  • Nikolaos Bonaros
  • Thomas Schachner
  • Johannes Bonatti
  • Günther Laufer
  • Alfred Kocher



We describe a case of a 65-year-old female patient who presented with shortness of breath when bending forward. A tumor highly suspicious for an angiosarcoma was identified by computed tomography and was suggestive of infiltration into the superior vena cava (SVC) and the majority of the right atrium. Surgical intervention on such an infiltrative tumor would not have been indicated. Magnetic resonance imaging, however, demonstrated that the tumor was not infiltrating the SVC and that its extension into the right atrium caused a low flow phenomenon. Surgical removal of the tumor and reconstruction of the right atrium with bovine pericardium was performed successfully. Adjuvant treatment with chemotherapy and radiation was performed afterward. The patient is free from tumor recurrence 3 months postoperatively.


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Wiedemann, D., Bonaros, N., Schachner, T., Bonatti, J., Laufer, G., & Kocher, A. (2010). Cardiac Angiosarcoma with Reconstruction of the Right Atrium. The Heart Surgery Forum, 13(6), E397-E398.