Surgical Treatment of a Bronchial Cyst Causing Compression to the Left Atrium and Pulmonary Artery


  • Cenk Eray Yildiz
  • Sina Ercan
  • Mehmet Umit Ergenoglu
  • Halit Yerebakan
  • Ferda Ozkan
  • Suha Kucukaksu



Bronchogenic cysts that formed during the development of the tracheobronchial tree in the gestational period are mostly asymptomatic until adulthood. Cysts localized in the middle mediastinum, specifically in the subcarinal region, on the other hand, may cause serious symptoms by compressing the heart and major vessels due to their close proximity. In this report it is suggested that surgical resection of a giant bronchogenic cyst that compresses the heart and great vessels should be securely performed in the presence of a readily available cardiopulmonary bypass capability.


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