A Single Bicaval Venous Cannula Used for Optimization of Endoscopic Robotically Assisted Procedures of the Heart


  • Jürg Grünenfelder
  • Achim Häussler
  • Andre Plass
  • Oliver Reuthebuch
  • Hitendu Dave
  • Boris Leskosek
  • Marko Turina
  • Gregor Zünd




Robotically assisted heart operation is one of the minimally invasive approaches that have revolutionized many surgical procedures. Robotic procedures on the heart, however, are by no means routine, and their optimization requires development of new instruments and techniques. Described here is the robotically assisted use in a sheep model of a new peripherally inserted bicaval venous cannula in the totally endoscopic closure of atrial septal defect. The exposure of the surgical target area was successful with no obstructions in the surgical view. The cannula shows sufficient flow characteristics for cardiopulmonary bypass. Subsequent suturing of the atrial septum defect was achieved without complications in the 4 experimental animals.


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Grünenfelder, J., Häussler, A., Plass, A., Reuthebuch, O., Dave, H., Leskosek, B., Turina, M., & Zünd, G. (2005). A Single Bicaval Venous Cannula Used for Optimization of Endoscopic Robotically Assisted Procedures of the Heart. The Heart Surgery Forum, 6(5), 393-395. https://doi.org/10.1532/hsf.785