Intraoperative and Histochemical Comparison of the Skeletonized and Pedicled Internal Thoracic Artery


  • Ozer Kandemir
  • Mustafa Buyukates
  • Banu Dogan Gun
  • S. Akin Turan
  • Hilmi Tokmakoglu



Conclusions. Although skeletonization of the ITA is a more technically demanding procedure, it provides some advantages such as increased available graft length and reduced sternal devascularization. This technique did not have any detrimental effects on the endothelial cell lining and e-NOS expressions on the endothelial layer. To reach a definitive judgment for using skeletonized ITA, we need information about the long-term angiographic patency rates.


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Kandemir, O., Buyukates, M., Gun, B. D., Turan, S. A., & Tokmakoglu, H. (2007). Intraoperative and Histochemical Comparison of the Skeletonized and Pedicled Internal Thoracic Artery. The Heart Surgery Forum, 10(2), E158-E161.




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