Percutaneous Tube Pericardiostomy

  • Thomas Z. Lajos


The classic subxiphoid pericardial window technique and the newer, minimally invasive percutaneous fluoroscopy- controlled method of surgical treatment of pericardial effusions and/or tamponade are reviewed and compared based on 12 years of surgical experience. Since 1988, 114 patients underwent surgery for treatment of pericardial effusion and/or tamponade. The classic subxiphoid approach was used on 66 patients, and since 1993, the percutaneous tube pericardiostomy method was employed on 48 patients. In choosing a method for pericardial decompression, disease etiology and patient characteristics must be considered as well as the experience of the surgeon.


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Lajos, T. Z. (2005). Percutaneous Tube Pericardiostomy. The Heart Surgery Forum, 7(1), E59-E60.

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