Yoga Can Help You Practice and Teach Cardiothoracic Surgery


  • Chris Pastrana, MD Division of Cardiac Surgery, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, USA
  • Curt Tribble University of Virginia School of Medicine,Charlottesville,Virginia



Those who practice, and teach, thoracic and cardiovascular surgery and those who are training in this realm, as well as in many other disciplines, often endure debilitating physical stress and strain as a result of their practices. [Bishop, 2023] Despite the attention paid to issues such as proper adjustments for loupe magnification, optimal footwear, attention to 'micro-breaks', and paying attention to the ergonomics of performing long and intense operations, many surgeons still suffer discomfort and debility, and, even, disability. [Dalagher, 2019, Epstein, 2018, Alleblas, 2017, Giagio, 2019, Norasi, 2021] Dealing with those challenges should include what those practitioners can do outside of the operating room to increase their comfort and resilience, as well as what can be done in the operating room. One approach to dealing with these issues is to utilize the lessons and benefits of yoga. [Tribble, 2016]


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