Vettath's Technique of Long Mammary Patch Reconstruction of a Diffusely Diseased Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery without Endarterectomy on the Beating Heart


  • Anil D. Prabhu
  • Rafeek A. Karim
  • Sunil Rajendran
  • Ismail E. Thazhkuni
  • Ranjish A. Thamaran
  • Kannan A. Vellachami
  • Murali P. Vettath



Surgery for diffuse coronary artery disease requires coronary reconstruction with or without endarterectomy. Considering the immediate and late postoperative problems of coronary endarterectomy, many surgeons now prefer coronary reconstruction without endarterectomy. Patch reconstruction of the diseased coronary artery with either the internal mammary artery or another conduit is an attractive option. This article describes the technique of long mammary patch reconstruction of the left anterior descending coronary artery without endarterectomy as an off-pump procedure.


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