Long-term Mechanical Support for Complex Left Ventricular Postinfarct Pseudoaneurysms


  • Michael S. Firstenberg
  • Danielle Blais
  • Juan Crestanello
  • Chittoor Sai-Sudhakar
  • John Sirak
  • Louis B. Louis
  • Paul Vesco
  • Benjamin Sun




Left ventricular free wall rupture can be a catastrophic problem. Although small lacerations can be managed with various techniques of primary closure, larger and more complex defects can be difficult to treat. We present and discuss 2 cases of chronic, complex ventricular pseudoaneurysms managed successfully with long-term mechanical support.


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Firstenberg, M. S., Blais, D., Crestanello, J., Sai-Sudhakar, C., Sirak, J., Louis, L. B., Vesco, P., & Sun, B. (2009). Long-term Mechanical Support for Complex Left Ventricular Postinfarct Pseudoaneurysms. The Heart Surgery Forum, 12(5), E291-E293. https://doi.org/10.1532/HSF98.20091070