Comparison of Microplegia Solution and Del Nido Cardioplegia Solution in Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery: Which One is More Effective?


  • Yusuf Salim Urcun, MD Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Adiyaman Training and Research Hospital, Adiyaman, Turkey
  • Arda Aybars Pala, MD Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Adiyaman Training and Research Hospital, Adiyaman, Turkey



Coronary artery bypass graft, Myocardial protection, Del Nido solution, Cardioplegia, Microplegia


Background: The aim of this study is to compare the efficacy of the microplegia solution and Del Nido cardioplegia solution in coronary artery bypass surgery with clinical, biochemical, and echocardiographic data.

Methods: Three hundred patients, who underwent coronary artery bypass surgery between January 2017 and January 2020, by the same surgical team were included in the study. Preoperative, operative and postoperative data (cardiac biomarker levels, cross-clamp and CPB times, echocardiographic measurements, etc.) of the patients were compared.

Results: In the study, cross-clamp time was significantly shorter in the DN cardioplegia group (55.60 ± 13.49 min/75.58 ± 12.43 min, P = 0.024). No significant difference was observed between the two groups in terms of intensive care stay, extubation time, hospital stay, and cardiopulmonary bypass time. In our study, it was shown that both the left and right ventricular ejection fraction was better protected in the Del Nido cardioplegia group (5.34±3.03 vs. 3.40±2.84, P = 0.017 and 3.82±1.19 vs. 2.28±1.87, P = 0.047, respectively), and the need for inotrope support was lower in this group (28% vs. 44%, P < 0.021). There was no significant difference between the groups, in terms of blood transfusion rates, IABP requirement.

Conclusion: In light of short-term results, we can say that Del Nido cardioplegia provides better myocardial protection than microplegia. In addition, Del Nido cardioplegia can be given as a single dose for 90 minutes of cross-clamp time and therefore can be preferred to increase surgical comfort and reduce cross-clamp times.


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