Mitral Valve Replacement with Bileaflet Preservation for Complex Annular Calcification


  • Onur S. Goksel
  • Kaan Inan
  • Tolga Tatar
  • Alper Ucak
  • Gokhan Arslan
  • Melih Us
  • Ahmet T. Yilmaz



Extensive calcification of mitral apparatus may preclude optimal valve repair, thus requiring debridement. We performed mitral valve replacement in a 55-year-old woman with a modified bileaflet preservation technique to avoid complications related to extensive debridement. Posterior transposition of the anterior leaflet as a buttress over the posterior ventricular wall provided extra support for the weakened tissues and covered the decalcified areas, which protected against debris embolism. This technique is safe and reproducible, especially for elderly patients who have complex calcification that requires extensive debridement, enables better preservation of ventricular function, and avoids disruption of the mechanical left ventricular wall.


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Goksel, O. S., Inan, K., Tatar, T., Ucak, A., Arslan, G., Us, M., & Yilmaz, A. T. (2008). Mitral Valve Replacement with Bileaflet Preservation for Complex Annular Calcification. The Heart Surgery Forum, 11(1), E1-E3.