Spyder™ Proximal Coronary Vein Graft Patency over Time: The SPPOT Study


  • Jeffrey M. Schussler
  • Cory H. White
  • Michael A. Fontes
  • Stewart A. Master
  • Baron L. Hamman




Background: Clampless proximal anastomoses are associated with fewer strokes in coronary artery bypass (CAB) graft surgery, but lack of patency of proximal grafts has been an issue. The Spyder™ (Medtronic, Minneapolis, MN, USA) is an "exoconnector" device that deploys a nitinol clamping mechanism to attach a vein onto the aortotomy and create the proximal anastomosis.

Methods: During a 22-month period we performed gated cardiac computed tomographic angiography on 38 patients who underwent off-pump CAB.

Results: Of the 49 proximal anastomoses created with the Spyder™, 44 (90%) remained patent at the time of study, with a mean follow-up period of 16.7 months.

Conclusions: The use of the Spyder™ exoconnector to create a clampless proximal anastomosis during off-pump CAB surgery is a reasonable strategy to improve graft patency.


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