<i>Bartonella quintana</i> and <i>pediococcus</i> Infection after Aortic Valve Replacement


  • Antti Vento
  • Tommi Pätilä
  • Martti Vaara
  • Ulla Larinkari
  • Jorma Sipponen




Bartonella quintana and pediococcus infections are very rare causes of endocarditis. Urban trench fever with relapsing febrile illness, headache, leg pain, and endocarditis has now begun to be a more important cause of disease in socially disadvantaged persons. The diagnosis is difficult because the growth of B. quintana in blood culture takes 20-40 days. Pediococcus may be an opportunistic pathogen in severely compromised hosts, although it has been described as a harmless bacterium. We describe a patient who developed bioprosthetic valve infection with B. quintana and pediococcus after valve replacement.


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Vento, A., Pätilä, T., Vaara, M., Larinkari, U., & Sipponen, J. (2008). <i>Bartonella quintana</i> and <i>pediococcus</i> Infection after Aortic Valve Replacement. The Heart Surgery Forum, 11(2), E94-E95. https://doi.org/10.1532/HSF98.20071204




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