Primary Cardiac Amyloidosis Mimicking Interstitial Lung Disease and Bleeding Diathesis: A Case Report


  • Hamza Duygu
  • Azem Akilli
  • Filiz Ozerkan
  • Mehdi Zoghi
  • Mustafa Akin
  • Cem Nazli
  • Oktay Ergene



Primary amyloidosis is a rare systemic disease due to various organ involvements that can lead to atypical clinical findings. In this article, we discuss a case of primary cardiac amyloidosis in a patient presenting with bleeding eyelids and interstitial lung disease.


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Duygu, H., Akilli, A., Ozerkan, F., Zoghi, M., Akin, M., Nazli, C., & Ergene, O. (2007). Primary Cardiac Amyloidosis Mimicking Interstitial Lung Disease and Bleeding Diathesis: A Case Report. The Heart Surgery Forum, 10(3), E177-E179.