Recombinant Activated Factor VII Administration after Pulmonary Embolectomy: Case Report


  • Nedal Omran
  • Jan Harrer
  • Miroslav Brtko
  • Petr Habal
  • Zdenek Turek
  • Marek Pojar
  • Jan Brozik



Bleeding management in cardiac surgery could be a great challenge for the surgeon and a life-threatening moment for the patient. Despite the fact that recombinant activated factor VII is now widely accepted as a useful adjunct in the management of postcardiotomy coagulopathy, its use in the course of recent thromboembolic event is rarely described. We hereby present a case of rescue recombinant activated factor VII administration to manage a severe coagulation disorder during surgical pulmonary embolectomy performed under cardiopulmonary bypass.


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Omran, N., Harrer, J., Brtko, M., Habal, P., Turek, Z., Pojar, M., & Brozik, J. (2013). Recombinant Activated Factor VII Administration after Pulmonary Embolectomy: Case Report. The Heart Surgery Forum, 16(4), E205-E207.




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