Carotid Artery Disease Development after Traumatic Injury Inflicted by a Ram's Horn


  • I. Haberal
  • M. Kaplan
  • Y. Zorman
  • T. Aksoy
  • E. Erturk
  • M. Akyildiz



A 36-year-old man presented for treatment of headache, paresthesis, and weakness of his right arm and leg. Examination revealed an atherosclerotic plaque in the left common carotid artery, lying to the left internal carotid artery and resulting in 99% stenosis. The plaque was removed successfully by carotid endarterectomy. Pathological examination of the tissue confirmed the diagnosis of an atherosclerotic plaque. Detailed investigation of risk factors led to the conclusion that the stenosis of the carotid artery was due to blunt trauma caused by an injury that had occurred 30 years previously when the patient was gored by a ram's horn.


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Haberal, I., Kaplan, M., Zorman, Y., Aksoy, T., Erturk, E., & Akyildiz, M. (2008). Carotid Artery Disease Development after Traumatic Injury Inflicted by a Ram’s Horn. The Heart Surgery Forum, 11(4), E260-E262.




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