Poor Left Ventricular Function Is Not a Contraindication for Robotic Totally Endoscopic Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

  • Atiq Rehman
  • Jose Garcia
  • Seema Deshpande
  • Mollie Fitzpatrick
  • Patrick Odonkor
  • David Zimrin
  • Bartley Griffith
  • Johannes Bonatti


Robotic technology has enabled performance of totally endoscopic coronary artery bypass grafting (TECABG). Published series on TECABG were primarily performed in low-risk patients, and little is known about the outcome after totally endoscopic coronary surgery in patients with severely impaired left ventricular function. We report successful endoscopic placement of a left internal mammary artery bypass graft to the left anterior descending artery using the daVinci robotic system in a patient with a severely reduced left ventricular ejection fraction.


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