Surgical Repair for Isolated Aortic Interruption in a Young Adult


  • Korhan Erkanli
  • Burak Onan
  • Ibrahim Faruk Aktürk
  • Ihsan Bakir



Interrupted aortic arch (IAA), a rare congenital malformation of the aortic arch, is defined as a loss of luminal continuity between the ascending and descending portions of the aorta. It is rarely diagnosed as an isolated anomaly in adulthood. Surgical repair is feasible through a sternotomy or thoracotomy incision. In this report, we describe the surgical repair of an isolated IAA in a 29-year-old patient by performing an ascending-to-descending aortic bypass via a sternotomy with cardiopulmonary bypass.


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Erkanli, K., Onan, B., Aktürk, I. F., & Bakir, I. (2012). Surgical Repair for Isolated Aortic Interruption in a Young Adult. The Heart Surgery Forum, 15(5), E289-E291.