Rapid Diagnostics and Treatment of Early Complications after CABG Surgery: A Life Saver


  • Ioannis Thomas Passaloglou
  • Anton Sabashnikov
  • Mohamed Zeriouh
  • Stefanie Reutter
  • Javid Fatullayev
  • Yeong-Hoon Choi
  • Thorsten Wahlers




Early graft failure after CABG surgery may lead to severe adverse events and death. Because the cause of the graft failure can vary, rapid diagnostic management is mandatory in order to address these complications appropriately. In the present 2 cases, patients who underwent CABG procedures showed typical electrocardiograms and serology of a perioperative myocardial ischemia shortly after surgery. In the first case, a rapidly performed coronary angiogram revealed a torqued right CABG, which was detorqued and, in order to avoid further torsion, fixated to the pericardium in a redo procedure. In the second case, the patient underwent a revascularization by means of percutaneous cor onary intervention with stent implantation for severe stenosis due to a localized dissection of the vein graft, diagnosed on coronary angiogram. The further postoperative course of both patients was smooth and both could be discharged on day 8 and 11 after initial surgery, respectively.


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Passaloglou, I. T., Sabashnikov, A., Zeriouh, M., Reutter, S., Fatullayev, J., Choi, Y.-H., & Wahlers, T. (2013). Rapid Diagnostics and Treatment of Early Complications after CABG Surgery: A Life Saver. The Heart Surgery Forum, 16(6), E346-E350. https://doi.org/10.1532/HSF98.2013244




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