Peripheral Gangrene Associated with Kawasaki Disease and Successful Management Using Prostacycline Analogue: A Case Report


  • Omer Faruk Dogan
  • Ates Kara
  • Ilker Devrim
  • Hasan Tezer
  • Nesrin Besbas
  • Seza Ozen
  • Gulten Secmeer
  • Cem Yorgancioglu
  • Erkmen Boke



We report a case of child-onset Kawasaki disease that presented as a prolonged fever and manifested with coronary aneurysms and peripheral gangrene of the lower limbs. Therapy with intravenous immunoglobulins, corticosteroids, aspirin, anticoagulants, and ilomedine, a prostacyclin analogue, resulted in rapid improvement in the patient's condition without extremity loss. Those treating patients with Kawasaki disease must be aware of possible vascular ischemia in the disease process that is reversible by early intervention treatments, including the use of a prostacycline analogue, that improve quality of life.


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Dogan, O. F., Kara, A., Devrim, I., Tezer, H., Besbas, N., Ozen, S., Secmeer, G., Yorgancioglu, C., & Boke, E. (2007). Peripheral Gangrene Associated with Kawasaki Disease and Successful Management Using Prostacycline Analogue: A Case Report. The Heart Surgery Forum, 10(1), E70-E72.