Multiple Left Ventricular Myxomas Arising from the Interventricular Septum and Ventricular Trabeculae: A Case Report


  • Ahmad K. Darwazah
  • Mohammad H. Hawari
  • Izzedein H. Hussein
  • Haitham K. El-Hassan



Myxoma is the most common tumor of the heart, with an estimated incidence of 0.5 to 1 per million per year. The majority of these tumors arise from the left atrium, and 20% arise from the right atrium with the remaining 5% arising in either the right or left ventricle. We present a rare case of multiple myxomas of the left ventricle arising from the interventricular septum and nearby ventricular trabeculae that clinically presented with an occlusion of the left axillary artery. The patient was successfully treated using cardiopulmonary bypass, during which the tumor was completely removed using a transventricular approach.


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Darwazah, A. K., Hawari, M. H., Hussein, I. H., & El-Hassan, H. K. (2006). Multiple Left Ventricular Myxomas Arising from the Interventricular Septum and Ventricular Trabeculae: A Case Report. The Heart Surgery Forum, 9(2), E587-E589.




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