Key-Lock Type Mini-Sternotomy: An Alternative Approach for Adult Cardiac Operations


  • Mert Dumantepe
  • Arif Tarhan
  • Azmi Ozler



An alternative technique for minimally invasive aortic valve replacement and atrial septal defect repair is described. After a 5-cm skin incision, a key-lock type sternotomy is made. Excellent exposure of the right atrium and aortic valve was achieved. The configuration of the mini-sternotomy (or the lock) limits the movement of the sternal surfaces (or the key) on the lateral and craniocaudal directions.


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Dumantepe, M., Tarhan, A., & Ozler, A. (2015). Key-Lock Type Mini-Sternotomy: An Alternative Approach for Adult Cardiac Operations. The Heart Surgery Forum, 16(2), E83-E84.