Multiple Valve Replacement in Limited Access: A Case Report


  • Tiziano Torre
  • Rafael Trunfio
  • Romano Mauri
  • Francesco Siclari



Nowadays minimally invasive surgery represents an accepted technique to treat heart valve disease. We report a case of surgical correction of multiple valve disease in a 61-year-old woman through a minimally invasive right anterolateral minithoracotomy. The intervention was performed under transesophageal echocardiography and videoscopic guidance. High thoracic epidural anesthesia allowed a rapid weaning from mechanical ventilation and a faster recovery.


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Torre, T., Trunfio, R., Mauri, R., & Siclari, F. (2007). Multiple Valve Replacement in Limited Access: A Case Report. The Heart Surgery Forum, 10(5), E408-E410.