Reversal of Left Ventricular Functions in Chronic Mitral Regurgitation after Mitral Valve Replacement


  • Montaser Elsawy Abd elaziz Cardiothoracic Surgery Department, Menoufia University, Almenoufia
  • Islam Moheb Ibrahim Cardiothoracic Surgery Department, Menoufia University, Almenoufia



Background: Mitral valve regurgitation leads to deterioration of left ventricular functions if not treated early. We aimed to study the effect of mitral valve replacement on normalization of ejection fraction, remodeling of left ventricular dimensions, and left atrial reduction in patients with chronic mitral regurgitation.
Methods: Between December 2012 and August 2014,
45 patients with chronic mitral regurgitation underwent isolated mitral valve replacement. None of the patients had any other severe valvular or concomitant disease or severe coronary heart  disease. The patients were evaluated by echocardiography (preoperative, 1-week, and 1-year postoperative). The results were statistically analyzed by paired t test.
Results: Forty-five patients who underwent mitral valve replacement in our hospital were included in  the study. The group comprised 20 men and 25 women; the mean age was 31.8 ± 6.76 years. The mean  left ventricular ejection fraction was 61.09 ± 7.6 and decreased significantly to 59.04 ± 6.65 and 59.67 ± 6.56, 1-week and 1-year postoperative follow up, respectively. The left atrium showed significant reduction in size (4 ± 0.54 cm) at 1-year postoperative follow up, from (4.51 ± 0.57 cm) one-week postoperative, and from (5.55 ± 0.88 cm) preoperatively. The mean left ventricular end systolic diameter significantly decreased from 4.06 ± 0.65 cm preoperatively to 3.4 ± 0.4 cm, 1-week postoperative (P = .01), and also decreased significantly to 3.45 ± 0.51 cm at 1-year follow up postoperatively, but was higher than that at 1-week follow up. Also, the mean left ventricular end diastolic diameter decreased  significantly during periods of follow up (P < .001).
Conclusion: Reversal of left ventricular functions and reduction of left-sided chamber dimensions are possible if early mitral valve replacement is considered in chronic mitral regurgitation before worsening of the condition.

Author Biographies

Montaser Elsawy Abd elaziz, Cardiothoracic Surgery Department, Menoufia University, Almenoufia

Cardiothoracic surgery department,Faculty of medicine, Menoufia University

Islam Moheb Ibrahim, Cardiothoracic Surgery Department, Menoufia University, Almenoufia

Cardiothoracic surgery department, Faculty of medicine, Menoufia University


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