Coronary Artery Fistula Detected by 64-Slice Multidetector Computed Tomography: Case Report


  • Yi-Chang Lin
  • Yi-Ting Tsai
  • Chih-Yuan Lin
  • Chung-Yi Lee
  • Gou-Jieng Hong
  • Chien-Sung Tsai



Coronary artery fistula (CAF), a rare anomaly of a coronary artery, is defined as an anomalous communication between a coronary artery and a cardiac chamber or vessels. Coronary angiography remains the main modality for diagnosing CAF. We present a case of fistulous communication between the left anterior descending coronary artery and the main pulmonary artery. The exact anatomy of the fistula was demonstrated by 64-slice multidetector computed tomography (MDCT). Surgical ligation on a beating heart was carried out. Intraoperative Doppler flow detection was used to evaluate the shunt of the CAF. We prefer MDCT as a new diagnostic modality to provide the detailed anatomy of a CAF.


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Lin, Y.-C., Tsai, Y.-T., Lin, C.-Y., Lee, C.-Y., Hong, G.-J., & Tsai, C.-S. (2010). Coronary Artery Fistula Detected by 64-Slice Multidetector Computed Tomography: Case Report. The Heart Surgery Forum, 13(3), E198-E199.