Bilateral Reduction Mammoplasty after Heart Transplantation


  • Yue-Dong Shi
  • Fa-Zhi Qi
  • Zi-Hao Feng



We report a bilateral reduction mammoplasty in a 15 year old female who suffered increasing back and shoulder pain and chest wall discomfort associated with bilateral breast enlargement during a 17 month period following heart transplantation. Cardiologic evaluation confirmed a structurally normal heart with good systolic and diastolic function, and ejection fraction of 80%. We performed a bilateral mammoplasty using dermal suspension flap in vertical-scar reduction. The patient recovered satisfactorily without incident, and breast morphology was excellent at the 2 year 9 month follow-up, with no recurrence of her previous symptoms or further hyperplasia.


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Shi, Y.-D., Qi, F.-Z., & Feng, Z.-H. (2014). Bilateral Reduction Mammoplasty after Heart Transplantation. The Heart Surgery Forum, 17(4), E224-E226.