Transcutaneous Axillary Artery Cannulation


  • Nezihi Kucukarslan
  • Mehmet Yilmaz
  • Mutasim Sungun
  • Ahmet Turan Yilmaz



The axillary artery may be an alternative cannulation site for patients with diffused atherosclerosis, aortic dissection, and aneurysm. There are different techniques for axillary artery cannulation that can be performed easily with a transcutaneous approach. Small incision necessity, less dissection, and good wound healing are other advantages of this technique.


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Kucukarslan, N., Yilmaz, M., Sungun, M., & Yilmaz, A. T. (2005). Transcutaneous Axillary Artery Cannulation. The Heart Surgery Forum, 8(3), E167-E168.