Cardiac Angio-CT Scan for Planning MIDCAB


  • Philippe-Primo R. Caimmi
  • Rita Fossaceca
  • Marco Lanfranchi
  • Marco Lanfranchi
  • Alessandro Verde
  • Alessandro Panella
  • Alessandro Panella
  • Rita Fossaceca
  • Marco Lanfranchi
  • Emmanouil I. Kapetanakis
  • Ezio Micalizzi



Precise evaluation of the cardiac and thoracic anatomy of the patient is mandatory for planning safe minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass (MIDCAB). Three-dimensional images obtained with a computed tomographic coronary angiography (angio-CT) scan make it possible to accurately visualize the intrathoracic surgical anatomy in order to check the feasibility of the direct exposure of the anatomical structures involved in the surgical procedure. Particular morphological parameters of coronary arteries such as diameter, wall calcification, and intramyocardial position as well as bypass grafts and internal thoracic artery (ITA) displacement can all be precisely defined with this method. We present our preliminary experience using cardiac angio-CT scan as a method for selecting patients for MIDCAB in order to avoid possible surgical complications to minimize the necessity for conversion to the standard surgical approach as well as for choosing the best surgical access.


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Caimmi, P.-P. R., Fossaceca, R., Lanfranchi, M., Lanfranchi, M., Verde, A., Panella, A., Panella, A., Fossaceca, R., Lanfranchi, M., Kapetanakis, E. I., & Micalizzi, E. (2005). Cardiac Angio-CT Scan for Planning MIDCAB. The Heart Surgery Forum, 7(2), 114-117.