Successful Cardiac Transplantation in a Patient with Elevated Pulmonary Vascular Resistance: A Relative Contraindication to Transplantation


  • Cullen D. Morris
  • Ron D. Smith
  • Biswajit Kar
  • Ali Ghodsizad
  • Stephane Reverdin
  • O. H. Frazier
  • Igor D. Gregoric



Elevated pulmonary vascular resistance in a transplantation candidate should be viewed as potentially reversible, and there are several options for therapy. We describe a young patient with congenital restrictive cardiomyopathy and a markedly elevated pulmonary artery pressure. The patient underwent successful orthotopic heart transplantation after pharmacologic lowering of the pulmonary artery pressure with a new drug combination of milrinone and nesiritide. The length of therapy can be extended to 3 days to allow for determining the pulmonary vascular responsiveness.


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Morris, C. D., Smith, R. D., Kar, B., Ghodsizad, A., Reverdin, S., Frazier, O. H., & Gregoric, I. D. (2009). Successful Cardiac Transplantation in a Patient with Elevated Pulmonary Vascular Resistance: A Relative Contraindication to Transplantation. The Heart Surgery Forum, 12(1), E59-E60.




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