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Minimally Invasive Transaortic Repair of the Mitral Valve

Orlando Santana, Joseph Lamelas


Objective: We retrospectively evaluated the results of an edge-to-edge repair (Alfieri stitch) of the mitral valve performed via a transaortic approach in patients who were undergoing minimally invasive aortic valve replacement.

Methods: From January 2010 to September 2010, 6 patients underwent minimally invasive edge-to-edge repair of the mitral valve via a transaortic approach with concomitant aortic valve replacement. The patients were considered to be candidates for this procedure if they were deemed by the surgeon to be high-risk for a double valve procedure and if on preoperative transesophageal echocardiogram the mitral regurgitation jet originated from the middle portion (A2/P2 segments) of the mitral valve.

Results: There was no operative mortality. Mean cardiopulmonary bypass time was 137 minutes, and mean cross-clamp time was 111 minutes. There was a significant improvement in the mean mitral regurgitation grade, with a mean of 3.8 preoperatively and 0.8 postoperatively. The ejection fraction remained stable, with mean preoperative and postoperative ejection fractions of 43.3% and 47.5%, respectively. Follow-up transthoracic echocardiograms obtained at a mean of 33 days postoperatively (range, 8-108 days) showed no significant worsening of mitral regurgitation.

Conclusion: Transaortic repair of the mitral valve is feasible in patients undergoing minimally invasive aortic valve replacement.

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