Comminuted Sternal Fracture — A Sternotomy Wire Fixation: Report of 2 Cases


  • Mohd Ramzisham Abdul-Rahman
  • Ngoo Kay Seong
  • Tan Guan Hee
  • Mohd Eyad Aljada
  • Talal Ahmed Reda
  • Joanna Ooi SuMin
  • Mohd Zamrin Dimon



Various techniques of sternal stabilization via either metal plates or wires have been described. We describe an alternative technique of simple median sternotomy followed by reduction and wire fixation of the sternal fracture. The 2 patients described in this report had traumatic comminuted and displaced sternal fractures. Even though wire repair was deemed to be tedious and achieved poor approximation of the bone, we performed median sternotomy and achieved simple wire fixation with an excellent result.


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Abdul-Rahman, M. R., Seong, N. K., Hee, T. G., Aljada, M. E., Reda, T. A., SuMin, J. O., & Dimon, M. Z. (2009). Comminuted Sternal Fracture — A Sternotomy Wire Fixation: Report of 2 Cases. The Heart Surgery Forum, 12(3), E184-E186.