An Alternative Technique of Proximal Anastomosis in Patients with an Atherosclerotic Ascending Aorta


  • Noyan Temucin Ogus
  • Halide Ogus
  • Tekin Yildirim
  • Ozer Selimoglu
  • Murat Basaran



Coronary artery bypass grafting operations in patients with an atherosclerotic ascending aorta are still associated with an increased risk of cerebral embolism and mortality despite previously described techniques. Here we present an alternative technique for the construction of a proximal anastomosis avoiding aortic clamping and deep hypothermic circulatory arrest.


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Ogus, N. T., Ogus, H., Yildirim, T., Selimoglu, O., & Basaran, M. (2006). An Alternative Technique of Proximal Anastomosis in Patients with an Atherosclerotic Ascending Aorta. The Heart Surgery Forum, 9(6), E846-E848.