Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery Using a Flexible Aortic Clamp


  • B. Reddy Dandolu
  • John L. Parmet
  • Charles Yarnall
  • Alice Isidro
  • Charles R. Bridges



Minimally invasive surgery for mitral valve disease has been performed using a variety of technologies, some of which are complex, have a steep learning curve, and are expensive. We have adopted a simple cost-effective approach over the last 7 years to perform a variety of minimally invasive procedures with excellent outcomes. There have been no strokes, no mortalities, and no episodes of limb ischemia in our series. No patient has required reoperation.


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Dandolu, B. R., Parmet, J. L., Yarnall, C., Isidro, A., & Bridges, C. R. (2007). Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery Using a Flexible Aortic Clamp. The Heart Surgery Forum, 10(6), E428-E430.




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