Repair of Aortic Regurgitation due to Takayasu Arteritis


  • ChengNan Li
  • YongMin Liu
  • RuiDong Qi
  • Jun Zheng
  • JunMing Zhu
  • Qian Chang
  • LiZhong Sun



Background: Prosthetic valve detachment after aortic valve replacement and pseudoaneurysm formation are the most important postoperative complications in patients with Takayasu arteritis with aortic regurgitation. We reviewed our experience of surgical treatment of aortic regurgitation in patients with Takayasu disease.

Methods: Between November 1997 and September 2011, 11 patients (4 women and 7 men) with Takayasu arteritis with aortic regurgitation underwent surgical treatment. The age of the patients ranged from 26 to 56 years (mean, 40 ± 9 years). Primary isolated aortic valve replacement was performed in 1 patient, David procedure in 1 patient, Wheat procedure in 1 patient, Bentall procedure in 2 patients, and Cabrol procedure in 6 patients (including 2 patients who underwent primary aortic valve replacement in other hospitals before being admitted to our surgical team).

Results: There was no in-hospital death. All patients had an uneventful recovery during the postoperative course and were discharged. Prosthetic valve detachment, pseudoaneurysm formation at the suture line, and dilatation of the ascending aorta were not found in patients with composite aortic root replacement during a mean follow-up of 98 ± 45 months. One patient died during follow-up.

Conclusion: Valve detachment after composite aortic root replacement was not observed in patients with Takayasu disease with aortic regurgitation. Satisfactory surgical outcomes were obtained using composite aortic root replacement. However, close follow-up was needed to assess the effectiveness of the Cabrol procedure in patients with Takayasu disease with aortic regurgitation.


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