A Rare Complication: Aorta-Cutaneous Fistula with Abundant Bleeding


  • Ufuk Aydin
  • Alper Gorur
  • Orhan Findik
  • Mustafa Canikoglu
  • Taner Kucukcerit
  • Cevdet Ugur Kocogullari




Pseudoaneurysm and aorto-cutaneous fistula following surgical procedures of the aorta are rare complications with potentially catastrophic results that require rapid diagnosis and urgent surgical treatment. We performed a successful life-saving operation using hypothermic circulatory arrest with femoral artery and vein cannulation. The patient had undergone open heart surgery in our clinic twice, and there was active and abundant bleeding from aorta-cutaneous fistula that occured 5 years after the last surgery.


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Aydin, U., Gorur, A., Findik, O., Canikoglu, M., Kucukcerit, T., & Kocogullari, C. U. (2012). A Rare Complication: Aorta-Cutaneous Fistula with Abundant Bleeding. The Heart Surgery Forum, 15(6), E323-E325. https://doi.org/10.1532/HSF98.20121048