Prototype Epicardial Crawling Device for Intrapericardial Intervention on the Beating Heart


  • Cameron N. Riviere
  • Nicholas A. Patronik
  • Marco A. Zenati



The development and preliminary testing of a device for facilitating minimally invasive beating-heart intrapericardial interventions are described. We propose the concept of an endoscopic robotic device that adheres to the epicardium by suction and navigates by crawling like an inchworm to any position on the surface under the control of a surgeon. This approach obviates cardiac stabilization, lung deflation, differential lung ventilation, and reinsertion of laparoscopic tools for accessing different treatment sites, thus offering the possibility of reduced trauma to the patient. The device has a working channel through which various tools can be introduced for treatment. The current prototype demonstrated successful prehension, turning, and locomotion on beating hearts in a limited number of trials in a porcine model.


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Riviere, C. N., Patronik, N. A., & Zenati, M. A. (2005). Prototype Epicardial Crawling Device for Intrapericardial Intervention on the Beating Heart. The Heart Surgery Forum, 7(6), E639-E643.