Isolation of Outflow Graft of a Clotted Ventricular Assist Device with Recovery of Cardiac Function


  • Prashant Mohite
  • Diana Saez
  • Gemma Edwards
  • Andre Simon
  • Toufan Bahram



Ventricular assist device (VAD) thrombosis, though uncommon, is a well-known complication. A HeartWare VAD implanted 2 years ago in a middle-aged man stopped because of thrombosis in the VAD. Because the patient's left ventricular function was recovered by the time of intervention, only the outflow graft was isolated and cut, leaving the pump in place.


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Mohite, P., Saez, D., Edwards, G., Simon, A., & Bahram, T. (2013). Isolation of Outflow Graft of a Clotted Ventricular Assist Device with Recovery of Cardiac Function. The Heart Surgery Forum, 16(5), E271-E273.




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