A Novel Approach for Off-Pump Atrial Septostomy Applications


  • H. Hakan Poyrazoglu
  • Funda Tor
  • M. Kemal Avsar
  • Sevcan Erdem
  • Cem Kayhan
  • Nazan Ozbarlas
  • O. Kemal Salih




Atrial septostomy or septectomy are required to enable atrial mixture in various congenital cardiac lesions. The aim of this article was to introduce a technique where atrial septostomy application could be employed off pump with the aid of a new device. To our knowledge this is the first report for this technique in the literature. We report the results of 7 patients for whom we employed our technique succesfully using a new combined device as an alternative to traditional methods. The major advantage of our approach was avoiding detrimental effects of cardiopulmonary bypass applications.


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Poyrazoglu, H. H., Tor, F., Avsar, M. K., Erdem, S., Kayhan, C., Ozbarlas, N., & Salih, O. K. (2007). A Novel Approach for Off-Pump Atrial Septostomy Applications. The Heart Surgery Forum, 10(6), E445-E448. https://doi.org/10.1532/HSF98.20071127




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