Radical and Harmless Shave Resection of Atypical Papillary Fibroelastomas of the Cardiac Valves


  • Maurizio Cotrufo
  • Gerolamo Sibilio
  • Claudio Marra
  • Giovanni Dialetto
  • Salvatore Giordano
  • Marisa De Feo
  • Luca Salvatore De Santo




Background: Papillary fibroelastomas (PFEs) are rare cardiac tumors usually treated by shave resection. Up to 20% of the patients are actually denied such a conservative surgical approach because atypical morphology is thought to preclude radical and effective outcomes.

Methods/Results: Surgical tricks and tips of shave resection are elucidated, and a case series presentation of the morphology of atypical PFEs treated by shave resection is described.

Conclusion: In experienced hands surgical shave resection is the gold standard for the treatment of PFE even in atypical presentations.


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Cotrufo, M., Sibilio, G., Marra, C., Dialetto, G., Giordano, S., De Feo, M., & De Santo, L. S. (2011). Radical and Harmless Shave Resection of Atypical Papillary Fibroelastomas of the Cardiac Valves. The Heart Surgery Forum, 14(4), E242-E244. https://doi.org/10.1532/HSF98.20101156