Recommendations for the Implantation of the Pericarbon Freedom Stentless Valve


  • Sven Beholz
  • Steven Hunter
  • Carlos A. Infantes Alcón
  • Claudio Zussa



Based on our experience of 1000 subcoronary implants of the Sorin Pericarbon Freedom stentless valve, we give recommendations for the exact implantation technique. This article illustrates basic issues in the implantation technique with respect to continuous and interrupted suture to enable beginners and experienced surgeons to avoid some of the pitfalls. Additional remarks about sizing and early intraoperative echocardiographic findings complete this technical overview.


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Beholz, S., Hunter, S., Alcón, C. A. I., & Zussa, C. (2005). Recommendations for the Implantation of the Pericarbon Freedom Stentless Valve. The Heart Surgery Forum, 8(6), E409-E411.