Recurrent Cardiac Metastasis of Primary Femoral Osteosarcoma: A Case Report


  • Taner Iyigun
  • Ufuk Ciloglu
  • Cem Ariturk
  • Ali Civelek
  • Remzi Tosun



A 17-year-old female patient with a history of surgery for primary femoral and metastatic lung osteosarcoma was admitted to our clinic with palpitations. Upon evaluation, a metastatic osteosarcoma in the left ventricle was diagnosed. Based on the collaborative decision of the oncology and cardiovascular surgery clinics, surgery was performed and the patient was discharged without any problems. According to the recommendation of the oncology clinic, chemotherapy was postponed for 6 months after surgery. Five months postoperatively, however, she had a recurrence with 2 tumors. Based on the collaborative decision, chemotherapy was initiated and in 2 months the size of the recurrent tumors had diminished. The patient is still under the care of the oncology and cardiovascular surgery clinics and continuing her chemotherapy regimen.

Osteosarcomas have a high mortality. Metastatic tumors of the heart are not common. The location of the metastasis and the characteristics of the primary tumor determine the treatment modality. In some previously published reports, various treatment choices have been described. In the present case report, we present a rare case with metastatic cardiac osteosarcoma.


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Iyigun, T., Ciloglu, U., Ariturk, C., Civelek, A., & Tosun, R. (2010). Recurrent Cardiac Metastasis of Primary Femoral Osteosarcoma: A Case Report. The Heart Surgery Forum, 13(5), E333-E335.




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