Experimental Stenting of the Posterior Mitral Leaflet to Correct Prolapse in Mitral Valve Insufficiency


  • Friedrich S. Eckstein
  • Peter W. Kronen
  • Mario Stalder
  • Erich Gygax
  • Claudia Zobrist
  • Olivier L. Levionnois
  • Hansjörg Jenni
  • Balthasar Eberle
  • Thierry P. Carrel




Objective: This study investigated the use of a new concept of mitral valve reconstruction using a novel device to stent the posterior mitral leaflet in combination with semicircular annu-loplasty. Modern mitral valve repair is an accepted modality and a routine procedure for treatment of degenerative mitral valve insufficiency. One of the most common mechanisms of mitral valve insufficiency is leaflet prolapse. In the majority of cases the posterior leaflet is dysfunctional and therapeutic reconstruction of the PII flail leaflet segment involves quadrangular resection which is usually combined to mitral annulo-plasty with a ring. A new time-saving concept of mitral valve reconstruction by stenting the posterior mitral leaflet in combination with semicircular annuloplasty is presented.

Methods: The new mitral valve reconstruction device (Shelhigh MitroFast(tm), Shelhigh, Inc.TM, Union, NJ, USA) was implanted in four adult sheep. It is constructed as an annuloplasty ring in combination with a posterior leaflet stent. The device has the shape of a closed posterior leaflet and forms a "buttress" against which the anterior leaflet can coapt.

Results: Every implantation of a MitroFastTM device could be performed in less than 30 minutes. After implantation of the device, all animals could be successfully weaned from CPB. Invasively measured left atrial pressure was below 12 mm Hg in all animals. After chest closure, transoe-sophageal echocardiography revealed a competent mitral valve in all animals, without any inflow restriction in three animals, and suspected mild stenosis in one animal.

Conclusions: In this experimental model, implantation of the newly designed annuloplasty ring with stenting the posterior mitral leaflet avoids extensive and time-consuming reconstructive surgery on a flail posterior leaflet. Implantation of the device resulted in favorable short-term hemodynamic effects. Implantation technique of the device is simple, the potential for minimal invasive implantation of a conceptual similar device will be further investigated.


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Eckstein, F. S., Kronen, P. W., Stalder, M., Gygax, E., Zobrist, C., Levionnois, O. L., Jenni, H., Eberle, B., & Carrel, T. P. (2005). Experimental Stenting of the Posterior Mitral Leaflet to Correct Prolapse in Mitral Valve Insufficiency. The Heart Surgery Forum, 8(4), E228-E231. https://doi.org/10.1532/HSF98.20041175




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