Insufficiency of an Aortic Valve Prosthesis due to Tissue Ingrowth: A Case Report


  • Stefan Christiansen
  • Wolfgang Fehske
  • Rüdiger Autschbach



Tissue ingrowth of a prosthetic heart valve usually leads to a stenosis. We report a rare case of a patient with a fixation of the prosthetic leaflet due to tissue ingrowth. This state caused a total prosthetic insufficiency. The therapy used to treat this prosthetic heart valve with tissue ingrowth is discussed in this report.


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Christiansen, S., Fehske, W., & Autschbach, R. (2007). Insufficiency of an Aortic Valve Prosthesis due to Tissue Ingrowth: A Case Report. The Heart Surgery Forum, 10(2), E105-E106.




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